Real Estate (Landed Property) is the oldest asset created by the Almighty for the benefit of mankind. Real Estate was created for the economic gain of mankind and the job given to the first man (Adam) was the management of an estate which was called (Garden of Eden). It therefore means that Adam was first an estate manager even before becoming a farmer. When the children of Israel was on exodus to the promised land, there were fighting and subduing kingdoms and nations, taking possessions of their land. And when they finally got to the promised land, they had to capture the perimeter of the promised land(surveying) and then laying out and dividing the land portions among their twelve tribes, a culture some part of Nigeria still practice till date. If you also look further in the oldest & most reliable book known to man (The Bible), Abraham had to also buy a portion of real estate to bury his late wife-Sarah. This means Real Estate Transactions is as old as mankind. And going further in the historical account of Real Estate, according to an article by, Real estate brokers began the presentation of their houses for sale around 1900 but the first record of home sales in the United State was around 1890. It infers that real estate brokers we have in our current days was introduced in 1900. As a summary for now, joining BAYIT INDEPENDENT SALES AGENT-BISA network is simply participating in the oldest Asset/Business known to man and it is highly profitable as it gives you the privilege of doing your fulltime job while Selling Real Estate and earning extra income for yourself.

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