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BAYIT PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENT LTD is an indigenous company registered and incorporated in Nigeria in 2017 to carry out Real Estate Development business with the main objective of making homes & properties available to the people irrespective of their income level or social class.

BAYIT PROPERTIES AND INVESTMENT LTD is being managed by a TEAM of EXPERT with over ten (10) years experience in the industry. The STAFF and Management are dedicated to SERVICE with a display of high level of expertise and professionalism.

Investing with BAYIT is safe, secure and rewarding with a guarantee of high marginal RETURN ON INVESTMENT. Apart from investing and/or buying land/properties from us, we also give you expert advice and guide you as your REALTOR/PROPERTY CONSULTANT on how to invest in properties business.

Our investment Plan is very flexible that irrespective of your income level, you can invest because we believe that you too can become a LANDLORD.

To be the foremost Real Estate service provider, providing Housing and Real Estate Services at world class standard

To provide real estate services, making housing affordable to all in profitable, standard, ethical and sustainable manner.


1. Sustainability
2. Excellence
3. Reliability
4. Value
5. Integrity
6. Commitment
7. Efficient

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Finding perfect location
Standard Estate Development
Using Quality Material
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