MAJESTIC GARDEN ESTATE is an Estate owned and being developed by BAYIT PROPERTIES & INVESTMENT LTD. It’s Architectural Layout is a distinctive master piece. It is situated in ARADAGUN – BADAGRY in a very close proximity to lake which can be ferried down to Island. Construction work is ongoing linking Ojo Alaba Int’l Market and Aradagun via IMUDE.

MAJESTIC GARDEN ESTATE enjoys economic values as its just less than 3mins., drive to a water way that span through the shore of Badagry to Lagos Island, and its less than 2min., drive  to Whispering Palm.

The estate also enjoys institution values as its closed to Epeme Primary school, proposed Federal Government College, Atlantic Fish Company and host of others. It less than 5min., drive to Olorunda Local Council Development Area., It is surrounded by other ESTATES.

It’s investors choice as the site is gaining rapid development. INVEST WITH BAYIT, INVEST IN MAJESTIC GARDEN and earn high ROI.